Drayton Reserve Volunteers

Drayton Reserve

Access & Facilities


The boundaries of the Reserve are indicated on the map.

Tracks & Facilities

The Main track rises from the bottom bend of Glenstrae Rd, to the top of Craigieburn Lane at Mt Pleasant Rd (just over 1km long and a climb of 180m). There are also side tracks to Drayton Drive, Basil Place, St Remy Lane, Omeo Crescent and Avery Place. The tracks are dirt surface with crushed volcanic rock on some sections which can be slippery or muddy when wet. Council cuts the grass along the tracks in Oct, Nov, Dec, Feb and April each year. We have undertaken some track maintenance to improve drainage and reduce muddy sections. Council has also installed some boardwalks, a lookout platform at the upper waterfall and a bridge upstream of that.


Council has installed posts and signs at track entrances and some junctions, indicating directions and clarifying that the tracks are intended only for walkers and dogs under supervision. 


We hope that people will respect the Reserve environment and the pleasure it gives to people and not leave litter, but if you come across litter, we hope you will remove it. We also hope that dog owners accept that dog poo, even in a plastic bag, belongs to you, not our Reserve environment. Council requires that dogs be under effective control - that means pick up their poo and take it home.

Fire control

There are fire hydrants in streets surrounding the Reserve and occasional pools of water along the stream in the valley. Council maintains fire breaks along sections of the boundaries which have pasture grass and cut this to a depth of 10m from the boundaries at similar times to the track cutting. Low combustibility local native plant species will be established near property boundaries.


Monitor boundary encroachments, the condition of tracks and levels of litter.