Drayton Reserve Volunteers

Drayton Reserve



We hope to include more information about the native flora and fauna of the Reserve as it is obtained, so that locals and visitors can better appreciate the biological diversity and its value to the community. Named stakes will be placed beside some plant species and different habitats and ecosystems.

Schools Environmental Programmes

Both local Primary Schools, Mt Pleasant and Redcliffs, support the project and have arranged for groups of students to visit and help with restoration work. We are most willing to provide information, guides, assistance and supervision for their involvement. We have prepared two levels of information to suit different age groups—see the Drayton 101 (for up to 10 years old—school years 0-5) and Drayton 102 (for 10+ years old—school years 5-8+) documents. We hope to develop this further and also to get students involved in some monitoring work.

In 2018 a group of Mt Pleasant students produced a website on caring for birds. Also, later that year we prepared a talk on birds and their habitats for a group visit of 100 Mt Pleasant students.

Tertiary Research

Some Canterbury University student research has already been undertaken and we are happy to assist by suggesting topics, providing data and helping with surveys. Aerial photography has been undertaken by students using a drone.


Monitor school student visits and student projects and research.